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Mini app features on MOVN

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By using our platform, anyone can create a mini app in the Movn superapp and be present in our miniapp store. No programming knowledge is required, just take a few minutes to create your first mini app.

Our mini app features

We have developed powerful, functional and customizable features for complete management of your activity, to increase your business and make your daily life easier.



A complete business profile that includes profile picture, achievements, certifications, reviews, description and many more details about the business and services offered.


News Wall

A wall where businesses can post their latest news and share valuable information with their audience. The news wall displays a pic or video, the title and the subtitle. It accepts likes and shares


In App Notifications

The best way to send news in real time to the audience. It can be sent individually or to entire segments of subscribers, News from the wall can be send as notifications when they require immediate attention.



Engage further with the audience through group and private chats. Chats allows the transfer of not only text and pics, but also NFTs and MOV, the crypto currency of sports used in the Movn ecosystem.



Manage the bookings of your facilities, classes and events. Adjust the bookings settings from the back office to perfectly fit the system to your activity (type of service, duration, pricing, online payment, and many more). From their side the users will enjoy the most seamless and straightforward experience. Bookings can be integrated in Movn marketplaces to bring more visibility to your business.



A seamless way to publish events (races, tournaments, clinics, exhibitions, etc.), promote them and manage their registration process . The registration form is fully customizable and accepts online payment. Registrations can be exported to pdf and excel formats or into applications that eases the creation and management of draws.


Documents & Media Upload

Enables the upload (for businesses) and download (for users) of media of any kind: pdf, photos and videos. It can be especially interesting to make important information available to the users.


Schedule, Results & Live Scores

Display the event calendar or schedule of matches and the results. Customized filters make the search even more powerful and effective. Seamlessly connect the data stream of your event to the miniapp and make users enjoy a real time experience.



Display the draws of your tournament in a beautiful way. The draws connect with the results feature to update automatically and keep the miniapp perfectly accurate at any time.


Digital Trophies

Create unique NFT trophies & awards with 3D and AR displays. A very cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to awarding athletes for their performance. More than a replacement of standard physical trophies, it opens many more opportunities: proof of authenticity, possibility to share the NFT with the community, 3D and VR effects, AI powered creation of NFT memorabilia collections from the original NFT trophy that can be transferred or sold to collectors, etc.



A very efficient and seamless way to manage memberships and subscriptions. The solution includes the possibility to create different types of memberships and the management recurring payment.


Participants / Players List

Display the list of participants to the event. Each participant can have its own page with personal information and links to social networks or other information of interest.


Gaming & NFTs

A unique feature to create NFT collections and virtually “hide” them anywhere in the world. The users can find them and collect them as they appear on their app. Besides their value as collectibles, the NFTs can be linked to special rights such as event entrance, experience with a player, access to exclusive video chats, etc.


"Simply overpowered."

How it works

With our intuitive platform and after choosing your subscription, develop your mini application in Movn without having to write any code. It’s simple, fast and essential for your activity.

Choose your subscription
Choose your subscription
Create your business profile
Create your business profile
Select your features
Select your features
Enjoy the miniapp on Movn
Enjoy the miniapp on Movn

Make a mini app is cost effective, efficient & always up to date

Build your custom mini app according to your needs without any technical knowledge and save 75% on the cost of building apps. In the medium term, we plan to open an SDK (software development kit) to allow companies and organizations to develop custom features themselves.