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You are a coach, a club, an association or a competition organizer enhance your business potential with the Movn Superapp. Transform your brightest ideas into a revolutionary app that will grow your business, delight your clients, simplify its management of your activity and increase your visibility within the sports community.
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The best solution to create your own sports, wellness or health application. App is quick to develop, cost effective and powerful through third-party integrations. App will delight your users through its web3 disruptive features. Last but not least, app expose your services to its exponentially growing community of targeted consumers and businesses.


No knowledge required

Create your first app now, quickly, cheaply and amazingly easy. There’s no programming knowledge required, only take a few minutes to build your first app.

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Powerful features

We have developed powerful, functional and customizable features for complete management of your activity, to increase your business and make your daily life easier.


Cost effective mobile app

Save time using our ready-to-use features and decrease the cost of creation and maintenance of your app by at least 75%. Market for free your services to an exponentially growing targeted community of users and businesses all over the world.


Unleash your Web3 potential

Enter the web3 world and open new business opportunities such as creating your own lines of NFTs, unique NFT trophies & awards with 3D and AR displays or using crypto-currencies.

All the power of Movn superapp to grow your business.

A flexible app designed for you

Our team of experts and sports & wellness enthusiasts has designed features to precisely meet all your needs and improve the daily life of your activity.

Create your sports event mini app

for Events

Create your event app to organize, manage and promote your sports event (races, tournaments and competitions). Engage your community and bring a unique experience to your participants and visitors.

Create your sports club mini app

for Clubs

Create the app of your sports club or association. Designed for all sports, the app will help you manage your customers, payments, matches, results, events, bookings and communication while animating and delighting your members.

Create your sports coach mini app

for Coachs

Create your app and better manage and promote your sports coach activity. Communication with your students, online payments, bookings, calendar, event registrations and promotion of your classes and events are now at your fingertips.

Our features

We have developed powerful, functional and customizable features to better manage your activity, grow your business and make your daily life easier.



Manage the bookings of your facilities, classes and events. Adjust the bookings settings from the back office to perfectly fit the system to your activity (type of service, duration, pricing, online payment, and many more). From their side the users will enjoy the most seamless and straightforward experience. Bookings can be integrated in Movn marketplaces to bring more visibility to your business.



A seamless way to publish events (races, tournaments, clinics, exhibitions, etc.), promote them and manage their registration process . The registration form is fully customizable and accepts online payment. Registrations can be exported to pdf and excel formats or into applications that eases the creation and management of draws.


Schedule, Results & Live Scores

Display the event calendar or schedule of matches and the results. Customized filters make the search even more powerful and effective. Seamlessly connect the data stream of your event to the miniapp and make users enjoy a real time experience.


Digital Trophies

Create unique NFT trophies & awards with 3D and AR displays. A very cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to awarding athletes for their performance. More than a replacement of standard physical trophies, it opens many more opportunities: proof of authenticity, possibility to share the NFT with the community, 3D and VR effects, AI powered creation of NFT memorabilia collections from the original NFT trophy that can be transferred or sold to collectors, etc.

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Use high performance technologies to create your iOS, Android app inside Movn.

Get new opportunities to grow your business with your app in Movn. The flexibility and control you need to create innovative digital experiences, grow your business and acquire new customers.

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Kind words from creators

Fédération Française de tennis
"Your company is really competent and force of proposal for my needs. Movn allowed us to have our own miniapp for the NTC tournament from then 2021. We managed reservations, the table of matches with more than 1500 players, and created an NFT game for the tournament."
Christophe Lesage
Director of National Tennis Cup by FFT
"With Movn and our developers, we were able to create our mini app, the Walk & Collect, which has become Movn's most used mini app. A real collaboration was created."
Larissa May
Business Developer

"Simply overpowered."

Create an app is cost effective, efficient & always up to date

Build your custom app according to your needs without any technical knowledge and save 75% on the cost of building apps. In the medium term, we plan to open an SDK (software development kit) to allow companies and organizations to develop custom features themselves.

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